Thala Dhoni “The King”

Thala Dhoni is the king of CSK.

Yes M.S.Dhoni is the undisputed super star of IPL. He is affectionately and rightly called by his fans as
‘THALA’, the head. Fans go berserk when the sight of MSD in yellow CSK jersey. They drum beat him

Sure, he is the head of CSK, Chennai Super Kings, and pseudo head of the Indian team. His absence is
very much visible in the last two one day matches against Australia, glaringly in the fourth one day
match, the fielding is uncontrollably in disarray. Had he been there Australia could not have chased
that record total.

Thala Dhoni_CSK19

Dhoni Review System:

DRS is normally referred by MSD’s fans as Dhoni Review System. His judgement seldom failed.
His split second stumping a treat to watch. The upcoming Indian spinners look up on him for
guidance. They benefit a lot by his advice. His well anticipated runouts and stumping make him one
of the best in the business. His running between wickets is a boon in this format if not in any format.

Recent Form:

His three fifties in as many matches against Australia helped India clinch one day series in Australia.
His strike rate and average inT20 is one of the toppers. His six hitting ability is astonishing one. He is
one of the best finishes in the game. His guidance brings the best in everyone who bats with him.
His captaincy is his ability to extract maximum out of each member. He is a cool headed under
pressure situations. Matches in IPL always go to the wire, his composure and calm approach inflict
confidence in his team.

In the last 2018 IPL he guided his CSK team which was considered as an old age unit. But his shrewd
leadership saw them lift the trophy. This year also we look forward the same from MSD and his
team, any doubt.

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